Why you should use a qualified designer.

  • A qualified designer produces a fully detailed set of plans, allowing you to see all the elements involved, so you or a landscape contractor can build it.
  • A plan can save you from making costly mistakes, like poor plant choices, unnecessarily expensive design options or a poorly planned works program.
  • As a horticulturalist I will assess and test your soil and advise on sustainable soil nutrition using organic products to stimulate the microbes and processes needed to create soil that provides your plants with the best possible chance for growing well.
  • I will choose plants from hundreds that I know well, especially for your garden – to suit the conditions and your preferences.
  • The Design process

  • An initial consultation
  • Development of Concept Plans
  • Full set of Master Plans
  • The initial consultation

    Sometimes, we have trouble putting our vision into words. Before I meet you, I will ask you to collect pictures of gardens, designs and plants you like and dislike…to help clarify your thoughts. I will spend time assessing your site, soil, note your needs, take photographs, and discuss styles, plant and hard material preferences. This is your brief to me.

    The “Concept Plans”

    The design process will begin when a quote has been agreed on. From the brief, I will produce one or more concept plans for your garden… exploring a variety of ideas, plants and materials. Concept plans are yours to consider. We’ll meet again to condense them into a final design – and that becomes the Master Plan.

    The “Master Plans”

    The set includes:
  • Soft Landscaping Plan - including a detailed plant schedule.
  • Hard Landscaping Plan - specifying all the built landscaping elements.
  • Master Plan - a coloured plan comprising all the elements of your finished garden.
  • These plans will have all the details and specifications necessary to construct the garden. Built structures may require further detailed specifications by a registered builder, architect or engineer.

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