My passion is for gardens where plants create the picture, and where hard landscaping enhances but doesn’t dominate.

An enchanting garden design doesn’t have to be complicated.

I can recommend skilled licenced landscapers to build your garden.

There is an overwhelming benefit to having diverse plant species in your backyard. The greater variety of plants you have the healthier the ecosystem is in your garden. The plants are more disease and stress resistant and your garden is home to more birds, bees and butterflies!

Not to mention the delights of having ever-changing scenery to enjoy.

Your design may contain a wide variety of plants - from the commonly used to the unusual - from low maintenance to specialized fruit trees - all chosen especially for you to suit the garden style, soil type, wateravailability and maintenance required.

Preparation is the key: Why spend good money on landscaping and plants if they die after a few months. It’s all about assessing the soil in your garden beforehand, and adding what is needed so that your plants thrive.

Megan Roe landscape design can:

  • assess your site – its soil, drainage, conditions.
  • advise on plant nutrition and plant health.
  • tailor design services to fit your needs.
  • select and source the highest quality plants from specialist growers at a significant saving to you.
  • source or design other elements such as paving, stone, planters, furniture, fences and gates for you, to make your outdoor space inviting and unique.
  • recommend skilled landscapers to build your garden and supervise the project for you.

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